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Month: March 2020

How Income Affects Your Credit Scores

Your credit score is important for getting a loan, so you can assume that your income is part of your credit score. After all, higher pay means more money available each month to repay those loans. Does my income affect standard vouchers? Your income does not directly affect your credit score, but it does affect […]

March 20, 2020

Loan suitable for both women and men

Available on weekdays and weekends, up to fifteen thousand crowns for anything, just fill out the form! Are you accustomed to solving everything in person and paperwork is not a problem? Then you seem to be a rare exception, because most people prefer to make a number of things online – especially if it is […]

March 16, 2020

Home Shopping: How Your Credit Score is Calculated?

  Understanding your score and how it affects your home purchase A borrower with a credit score of over 700 offers better rates. Knowing how your credit score affects the purchase of a home by those who are looking for a mortgage, it is imperative that they find their credit early. Your score plays an […]

March 15, 2020